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Jeri’s House presents the longest running show in America!

The Drunkard and the Olio on Friday, October 18th, 7 pm at the historic Spotlight Theater, 1381 Riverside Drive, Tulsa

Tickets: $30 each with all proceeds benefitting Jeri’s House – “Empowering DeafBlind Individuals to reach their highest potential.”

Great Silent Auction Items too!

Contact Jeri Cooper at if you want to request and interpreter.

Come join the fun while helping Jeri’s House! Snacks available for purchase include chips, candy, soft drinks and beer

2019 DeafBlind Celebration for Helen Keller’s birthday

Held on June 27, 2019, Helen Keller’s birthday, at the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. With interpreters present, there were several people who gave presentations, including Governor Stitt. He took his time to shake each person’s hands and asked  questions with interest about DeafBlind, their SSPs. Governor Kevin Stitt gave award to Beverly Bates, who is the new Spokeswoman for the 2019 Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness Week.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (32)

Giving presentation on his podium.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (49)

Jeri Cooper giving presentation, smiling. Two interpreters on each of her side with SSP interpreter behind her.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (62)

Stephanie Butler giving her presentation with an interpreter beside her.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (68)

Beverly Bates giving her presentation as spokeswoman.


Gov. Kevin Stitt gave Beverly Bates her award!

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (94)

Lady giving presentation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (102)

Next lady giving presentation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (115)

Gov. Kevin Stitt giving presentation with interpreter on his side.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (126)

Doyle, Jag, interpreter among others, watching Gov. Stitt talking with someone.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (127)

Daniel Meek shaking hand with Gov. Stitt, smiling.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (135)

Gov. Stitt is talking with Antwan with an interpreter.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (140)

Gov. Stitt shaking hand with a lady and a guy next to her smiling, listening to their conversation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (144)

Gov. Stitt is talking with Beverly with an interpreter and Donita looking at them in the background, smiling.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (167)

Gov. Stitt put his hands under Cassandra’s hands to learn about tactile and Cassandra is smiling with others looking at their conversation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (169)

Group picture with Gov. Stitt. About 29 people in the picture.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (179)

Gov. Stitt with Jeanne, smiling for the photo.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (183)

Group picture of staff at Blind Library with Gov. Stitt

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (6)

Cassandra chatting with Jag, also a group of interpreters are chatting at the front part of the audience room.


Jeri Speaks at HCB Fundraiser

On Saturday, Jeri Cooper was honored to be the keynote speaker at the Heartland Council of the Blind’s annual fundraiser, Dining In The Dark. She told her inspiring story and shared her dream about Jeri’s House.

Pictured here is Jeri Cooper and her SSP, Jenese Tucker, at the event in Oklahoma City on Saturday, June 1, at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The Heartland Council of the Blind (HCB) is a group of blind, visually impaired and sighted people from the Central Oklahoma area who comvisuale together to socialize, discuss issues related to impairment and advocate for a better life for the blind and visually impaired community in Central Oklahoma. The group gathers monthly for a meeting or activity. For more information about the organization, visit