What’s happening? People with Disabilities Awareness Day 2020



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People with Disabilities Awareness Day. The 25th Anniversary. Reach out and make it great!

For 25 years, telling your story has been the most powerful way to engage and inform elected leaders at People with Disabilities Awareness Day at the state Capitol. Thank you. This year, our date is Tuesday, March 10, 2020.
You may have heard most space inside and outside the Capitol is not available, due to construction. This means no exhibitors, entertainment or space for 900+ people with disabilities and supporters. That’s OK. We still have creative ways to share stories and keep the PWDAD spirit alive.
Can we count on you? Whether you’re a person with a disability, a supporter, an exhibitor, an employer or a community partner, we can reach out together at the Capitol with our calls, emails, success stories, notes, videos and social media on or near March 10.
Click here to find your legislators, contact us and sign up on the tab at the top of the page for Awareness Day updates — and watch for tools you can use coming soon! Insert #PWDAD2020 on your favorite social media to find and join Awareness Day conversations. Connect. Reach out. And please continue to tell your powerful stories.
Jody Harlan, Communications Director
Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services
Communications Office
Toll Free: 800-845-8476 | Ofc: 405-951-3473 | Cell: 405-203-1318 | http://www.okdrs.gov

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Empowering Oklahomans with Disabilities

2019 DeafBlind Celebration for Helen Keller’s birthday

Held on June 27, 2019, Helen Keller’s birthday, at the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. With interpreters present, there were several people who gave presentations, including Governor Stitt. He took his time to shake each person’s hands and asked  questions with interest about DeafBlind, their SSPs. Governor Kevin Stitt gave award to Beverly Bates, who is the new Spokeswoman for the 2019 Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness Week.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (32)

Giving presentation on his podium.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (49)

Jeri Cooper giving presentation, smiling. Two interpreters on each of her side with SSP interpreter behind her.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (62)

Stephanie Butler giving her presentation with an interpreter beside her.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (68)

Beverly Bates giving her presentation as spokeswoman.


Gov. Kevin Stitt gave Beverly Bates her award!

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (94)

Lady giving presentation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (102)

Next lady giving presentation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (115)

Gov. Kevin Stitt giving presentation with interpreter on his side.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (126)

Doyle, Jag, interpreter among others, watching Gov. Stitt talking with someone.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (127)

Daniel Meek shaking hand with Gov. Stitt, smiling.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (135)

Gov. Stitt is talking with Antwan with an interpreter.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (140)

Gov. Stitt shaking hand with a lady and a guy next to her smiling, listening to their conversation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (144)

Gov. Stitt is talking with Beverly with an interpreter and Donita looking at them in the background, smiling.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (167)

Gov. Stitt put his hands under Cassandra’s hands to learn about tactile and Cassandra is smiling with others looking at their conversation.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (169)

Group picture with Gov. Stitt. About 29 people in the picture.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (179)

Gov. Stitt with Jeanne, smiling for the photo.

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (183)

Group picture of staff at Blind Library with Gov. Stitt

2019 DeafBlind Celebration (6)

Cassandra chatting with Jag, also a group of interpreters are chatting at the front part of the audience room.