An Introduction to Jeri’s House…

Alt Text for screen readers: Image of Jeri's House logo. The logo consist of two hands making the ASL sign for house with a braille "J" and "H" in the middle of the sign; approximately where an attic window would be located. And Jeri's House is written in all caps along the bottom of the design.

Each person is different and unique and God has a beautiful plan specifically for each person. Jeri’s House is a place where people who are DeafBlind can come and learn how to be independent, learn Braille and signs, advocacy, hobbies, and be comfortable working through their adjustments of being DeafBlind. Jeri’s House promotes empowerment and encouragement for each individual to reach their highest potential.

Save The Date!

Upcoming fundraiser Saturday June 13th, 2020 5 pm to 7 pm Westside Lions’ Club Oklahoma City 4135 NW 10th St. Mark your calendars now for our murder mystery and dinner! Stay tuned for more details!

Welcome to!

Welcome to the newly renovated Jeri’s House Webpage!  Take a look around and learn a bit about Jeri, and Jeri’s House!

What’s happening? People with Disabilities Awareness Day 2020

    People with Disabilities Awareness Day. The 25th Anniversary. Reach out and make it great! For 25 years, telling your story has been the most powerful way to engage and inform elected leaders at People with Disabilities Awareness Day at the state Capitol. Thank you. This year, our date is Tuesday, March 10, 2020. […]